HVAC cleaning

When I clean my home I make sure my home is clean from head to toe.

I like to make sure outside is picked up and my weeds in my garden are pulled.

Inside of my home I make sure that all of the hard floors are swept and mopped, and all of my carpet floors are vacuumed and shampooed. I also like to wash my comforter and bed sheets, and even the pillows that are on my couch. I even turn on my oven for a few hours so it can be cleaned and ready to use the next time I want to cook. I also like to wash my dog and give her bed a cleaning too. However there are some things that I cannot clean that are out of my control because I do not know the best cleaning procedures. An example of this is my HVAC system since I do not have the background information on how to clean an HVAC system, I like to leave it to the professionals. I do know that there are tiny parts in the HVAC system that need to be reached by an HVAC technician. I have been told that when it comes to a clean HVAC system, the entire system is placed under constant negative pressure (which is a vacuum), to prevent the spread of contaminants and other pollutants. This is to ensure that these particles don’t go airborne and into one’s home. This is what my HVAC technician does so my air quality is clean and safe.
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