What I like and dislike about my favorite restaurant

Where I live there’s not a lot of stores or restaurants.

To go to my favorite restaurant it’s about 10 minutes away.

It is definitely worth the drive because the nearest restaurant where I live is a pizza place. The pizza place is good but I don’t feel like having pizza all the time, I think I would get pretty sick of it. There isn’t a ton of restaurants or stores near us because we live in a very small town. To get to the mall or the big name restaurants I have to travel 35 minutes to the capital. My favorite restaurant serves a lot of good foods. When I go there I like to order their speciality pasta or a nice steak. Sometimes if I haven’t had pizza in awhile, I will order it with a side of their wings. What I like about the restaurant is it’s decor. It is themed with wine pictures, sayings and other knick knacks around the restaurant. The service is great too, the people who are the waiters are my friends. However what I don’t like about the restaurant is that the air registers are right above the tables. I wish this was better designed because while I’m eating, I don’t want to feel forced air straight on me. And once the temperature reaches the set temperature on the thermostat, I can immediately feel the air turn off and then I’m cold. I just wish there was a different way to heat and cool my favorite restaurant so it’s not directly above customers while they eat.

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