Ceiling fan should be dusted

I like to go to my grandparents house about once a week.

My grandmother always have dinner ready waiting for me to show up.

I like going there and talking to my grandparents about my upcoming week and I like asking about how they’re doing. I am the only grandchild that does this and my grandparents are very grateful that I do this. I feel bad for my grandparents because a lot of people don’t visit them. They are very old and they can’t move around as much as they used to. On Wednesday after dinner I also like to help her clean. I’ll vacuum and mop the floors for her, I will clean her bathrooms and dust around her house. I have done a lot of the cleaning but I never thought about dusting their ceiling fans. While I was vacuuming I saw something drop from the ceiling. I looked up and there was dust caked on the ceiling fan. I got the duster and dusted the ceiling fan. I think it is important to dust your home so you can get rid of the dust and other particulates that are in the air. My HVAC technician told me at my house to keep an eye on the dust that is in my house. He has told me that if I see an excessive amount of dust accumulation then it’s a sign that I should most likely change my air filter. However he said you shouldn’t wait to see an accumulation of dust, an air filter should be changed every three months.

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