Motorcycle law firm helps out military friends

Did you guess that military life insurance doesn’t apply if the military member dies in a motorcycle accident? I did not guess that when my partner purchased a motorcycle, however i constantly knew motorcycles were dangerous however I also guess that my partner is a absolutely careful driver.

It’s not that I figured she would die in a motorcycle accident and I would get her life insurance.

It’s not love that at all, and however, when the unthinkable happened, I took a absolutely small amount of solace knowing that there would be a few hundred thoUSnd dollars coming from our military life insurance. I thought me and the ladies would be okay for a few years, and that’s when I found out about this loophole and that there would be no military life insurance headed our way. The auto and motorcycle insurance companies provided me absolutely little compensation. I did not guess how I was going to make ends meet. That’s when I heard an advertisement for a motorcycle law firm in our area. I decided to give them a call and see if there was not some way to get more cash from the automobile insurance; After all, both insurance companies agreed that the driver of the pickup truck was to blame. She changed lanes without even looking. The motorcycle lawyer was great! The law firm took on my case and I did not even have to pay any cash down. In the end, they got me more cash than the military life insurance payout would have been. Now I don’t have to worry about finances for a few years. I might even be able to put away some cash for our daughters to go to college eventually, but my partner would have liked that.

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