Sugaring is softer than waxing

I am 55 years ancient & I am going on a cruise with my sibling.

She requested that all of us get Brazilians for the trip.

I do not suppose what I thought I was signing up for when I agreed to go to the sugaring salon with my sibling. I knew all of us were getting Brazilians. I knew what that was although I thought that sugaring was a lot different than waxing the hair away, however when in fact, getting a Brazilian sugaring is much care about getting a Brazilian wax. Both are rather painful. With sugaring, the worker makes a paste out of sugar & lemon & applies it to the area you want the hair unattachd from, but then she pulls it away. It’s much care about waxing but the sugar can be used again & again whereas the wax paper is generally just thrown out. I’m gleeful that my sibling & I are now ready for our cruise although I really wish I had known what I was signing myself up for ahead of time. I might have declined, my sibling kept laughing at me for not understanding what all of us were going to the salon for. I’m sorry but sugaring just sounds care about a much gentle of a procedure than waxing does. That happens not to be the case after all & I wasn’t really prepared for the procedure. That’s all. I hope my sibling does not surprise me with anything else in preparation for our trip. I suppose I shall have to look up everything she suggests from now on so that I’m fully aware of what I’m signing up for.



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