Getting my daughter an automation program

My mother is eighty-two years old plus still in tremendous physical shape, however she is mentally as shapr as ever plus lives a easily independent lifestyle.

She serves on the village board, volunteers at the Borders, plays bingo every Monday, mows her own grass plus has lunch with friends at least once per week, but while she shows no signs of slowing down, I worry about her living alone, but i make sure to either stop by plus see her, call or text at several times a afternoon; For my own peace of mind, I decided to invest into a security system for her.

I started researching unusual types of motion-activated lights, alarms, monitoring companies plus surveillance cameras… The more I learn up on available options, the more I became convinced that a whole-house automation system was the right answer. I was a bit sad that my mother would have some trouble operating it, and although she manages a smartphone, iPad plus iPad, she struggles with certain aspects of current technology, however once the automation system was implemented, there were a few problems with her setting the alarm off. She also got exasperated with regulating indoor temperature. At one point, she had all the windows open plus heat pouring out of the vents in June. She’s not gotten accustomed to the various features of the automation system plus likes it. She’s saving money on weekly energy costs, spending less time changing various systems plus enjoying greater convenience. I like that she can see who is pulling into the driveway or kneeling on her doorstep via real-time video. I am relieved that she has a panic button in case of emergencies.



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