A report about a quality HVAC system for homeowners

We had a parents’ career day at our school, and the exercise showed us what we would be in for in the future.

There were parents from different career fields. The HVAC professional from the country’s biggest and most successful HVAC brands inspired me the most. I have always had a knack for quality HVAC systems because we interact with them every day at home. An HVAC business will always stay in the market as people always need help with indoor comfort. I asked the expert many questions about the local business and the different HVAC units in the market at the time. After the parents left, the teacher gave us the assignment to write a report about the career we found most interesting. You guessed it! I chose to write about being in the HVAC business. I visited the local HVAC provider for my research and wrote a comprehensive report on these products and the process of HVAC maintenance. I also included the steps involved in HVAC installation. The report touched on how to operate different new HVAC equipment, including the new thermostat in the market, and the role of an HVAC repairman. The report was spot on and so comprehensive that the local companies used it in their reader’s magazines. I learned so much from my research that I could tell the exact issue our system had whenever it malfunctioned. Unsurprisingly, I ended up attending the school of HVAC technicians and graduated with honors. My report exists in the town’s gallery, and I won many awards because of it. The industry noted my interest and gave me a scholarship until college.

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