The space heater was dangerous.

I walked into my daughter’s house, and couldn’t believe where she had the space heater.

I knew it was dangerous, just looking at it.

There were metal bars all around it to keep anyone from getting to the inside. The bars looked hot, and I was sure they could do some damage to my two-year-old granddaughter if she fell into it. Not only did she fall into the space heater while I was there, but she sat her little bottom on it so she could talk to me. I yelled the second I saw her start to sit, but it was too late. I grabbed her up before it could do too much damage, but the space heater had already melted the back of her diaper. She was crying because I had scared her, and not because she was hurt. When my daughter came into the room, I showed her the diaper and told her the space heater was dangerous. If it could do that much damage to a diaper, what could it do to her baby? She told me she had told Susie not to go near it. She was two, and she didn’t understand danger. My husband came into the room and told her to get rid of the space heater and get something that was safe to use around children. After complaining how they couldn’t afford something else, he handed me his credit card and told me to take her shopping for a space heater with all the safety measures, including cool to the touch. He didn’t want his granddaughter getting hurt.

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