Anyone can be an HVAC technician.

I was listening to some guys who were talking at a job fair.

I think what impressed me most about them was when they said anyone can be an HVAC technician, but it takes someone special to be a great HVAC technician. I had been considering HVAC as a career until I heard them talking. I didn’t know if I had enough conviction to be a great HVAC technician. I was only eighteen, and I didn’t know if I had the qualities to be a great HVAC technician. Instead of signing up for HVAC classes, I went to work at the local McDonald’s. I hated working there, but there weren’t a lot of jobs for teenagers in our area. I needed to have a job if I wanted a car and a home. Mom and dad had been telling me that when summer was over, I had to pay room and board. McDonald’s was the only place hiring. My dad knew I didn’t like the job and told me it would be okay if I quit. I broke down and told him how I wanted to go to school for HVAC, but I had heard the men talk about being a great HVAC technician. Dad was furious and said I had to have misunderstood. None of the HVAC technicians would make a statement like that and keep their jobs. He took me to the job center and signed me up for HVAC classes. On the way home, he sent me to work, but told me to be home early. I had time to quit the job and get home.

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