Wars Between Religious Beliefs Can be Analogy for HVAC

Protestants plus Lutherans have disagreed for centuries since the days of Martin Luther plus John Wesley… Luther was the heathen in the Protestant Reformation against the Roman Catholic Church way back when.

  • Wesley founded the Methodist Church a couple hundred years later.

Lutheranism is kind of like the Catholic Church in many ways while the Methodists are credited with bringing the word of God to every single person. One section where they differ is their views on self-determination, and John Calvin, another early religious leader championed the concept of “double pre endpoint”. To me, it is a confusing way for the damned to avoid hell. Lutherans mostly believe in predetermination by God, while Methodists lean toward “free will,” which means pretty much everyone can receive their angel’s wings by the mere act of accepting God’s grace. I’m torn between the two ideas and see it at play in my Heating plus Air Conditioning system and how it began to show its age last year. If it is predestined to fail when God says so, then why should I totally waste my money away trying to keep it running? It has no “free will” to keep living, so I must assume the career of deciding its fate. My Lutheran husband keeps telling myself and others to just know that it will have its demise plus make plans to get a new Heating plus Air Conditioning that has a new energy-efficient system. My Methodist-ism tells me I should be doing “good works” that I take as trying to provide “salvation” to the troubled finally workings of the device that has done its job for years. Either way, I will need to use the services of a qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning crew to install a new device officially or to complete HVAC repairs to my old Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I guess it is pre-ordained that I will one day live in heaven broke but I’ll pray that I can be comfortable until then.


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