When did she learn about HVAC maintenance?

My sister and her significant other moved away a couple years ago.

When mom said she had to get married, they protested and moved.

I hadn’t heard from her since that day. Now, out of the blue, she was calling me. She wanted to know how everyone was and she acted like nothing had happened between her and the family. I finally asked if something was wrong? She told me she had gotten married and everything had changed. I was happy for her, but I was still hesitant. She said her husband had become an HVAC technician. For a short time, we talked about life, but she abruptly changed the subject. She started talking about HVAC maintenance. .She asked if I had ever had the servicing done on my furnace or air conditioning unit. She also wanted to know if I ever heard of a maintenance and repair agreement for the HVAC system. My sister never cared about taking care of anything. Everything was disposable to her. I pulled the phone away and looked at it. I was trying to figure out if she was really my sister. My sister would have never discussed HVAC systems and how to have them serviced. After another ten minutes of talking about air filters, ductwork, and yearly maintenance, she said she had to go, but she had a question. She wanted to know if she could come home. She wanted her daughter to know her grandmother. I was happy to hear the news, but I was wondering if her husband was coming along. She laughed and said of course, and he was also planning on opening an HVAC company in the local area.

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