During winter it is a must to protect the A/C condenser unit

We always get hit pretty hard during the peak seasons in this area.

It seems sort of like it shouldn’t be that way.

I mean if every one of us have to deal with a long, freezing Winter season, every one of us should be able to actually enjoy a pleasant warm season. That is not how it works for us though. For sure the Winter season is terribly lengthy and cold. However, the warm season can be a humidity filled blast furnace sometimes. This means the Heating and A/C machine totally gets a workout on both the heating and cooling side. Our heating machine works pretty hard in the Winter season to help keep us warm for all of those weeks. I regularly make sure the heating machine gets a good inspection and service from the Heating and A/C machine professionals prior to the temps dropping. On the other side, I make sure the Heating and A/C cooling machine gets a good look and service in the Spring prior to the heat coming in. However, until recently, I hadn’t really considered the Heating and A/C cooling aspect during the Winter season. It just sort of rested there. I figured it was fine since I didn’t really know better. Unlike the Heating and A/C heating side, the Heating and A/C cooling side has substantial components that remain outside the house. This is the condenser and compressor that are inside the Heating and A/C cabinet. Without this, the Heating and A/C machine couldn’t exhaust the heat it extracts from the residence during the warm season. Well, during the Winter season it can often just sit there with all the weight from snow and ice kneeling on incredibly delicate components. That sincerely just won’t do. I got hip and ordered a hard plastic cover that totally fits over the Heating and A/C machine cabinet to protect it during the nippy season.

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