The furnace just won’t start

My older sister Colleen lives on the opposite side of the country.

I try to visit Colleen three times a year. The first time I stayed with her, it was the middle of June, and the weather was insanely hot, humid, and miserable. Since her apartment doesn’t have a central cooling system, I was somewhat concerned about comfort. Colleen installed a window cooling unit into the living which worked fairly well. I liked that I could adjust the temperature setting to my preference. The wireless remote was extremely easy to use. I didn’t even need to get out of the sofa bed to adjust the temperature, control humidity or change the fan speed. I also liked the white noise of the little cooling system. It was just loud enough to drown out the meowing of Colleen’s cat, the neighbor’s leaf blower and noisy birds outside. I managed to sleep like a baby every night of my visit. The next time I stayed with Colleen, I planned my visit for the Christmas holidays. Although her house has a fairly new forced air oil furnace, I was not as comfortable as I was on my first visit. There is only one temperature control, situated in the dining room, which determines the temperature for the whole house. Because of large bay windows and exposure to wind, the dining room tends to be slightly cold. The temperature control reacts accordingly, and the living room was way too hot. I was so overheated, I had trouble falling asleep and woke up several times during the night, completely dripping with sweat. Plus, the oil furnace is whisper quiet and doesn’t do anything to mask the noises of the neighbors, the cat, and the birds outside the windows. I even heard the oil furnace crank up and turn off in in the middle of the night. I’m now begging Colleen to look into zone control for her house. I’d much prefer to have my own temperature control to regulate when I visit her, and she’d certainly save a lot of money. She doesn’t use the living room where the sofabed is located all that often, and she’s paying good money to overheat the area when it’s rarely even in use.
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