This temperature change is something we noticed

Plus, Dad can make sure the house is the perfect temperature when he and Mom arrive home in the Spring

Two years ago, my parents decided to buy a small retirement apartment near the beach. Mom and Dad now spend the frosty winter months down south, and the Spring and Summer up north. Caring for an extra home proved to be a bit of an adjustment for my parents. They were always anxiously concerned about their empty house up north. With inches of snow and the temperature outside often dropping below zero, a loss of power or oil furnace failure can become a big problem. Mom and Dad mainly worry about their water pipes freezing or, even worse, bursting. They have to leave the furnace on just enough to prevent anything disastrous happening. Before heading to their home in the south for the winter, my dad always makes sure to schedule professional maintenance for the oil furnace. A licensed HVAC company meticulously inspects, cleans and adjusts the oil furnace. If there are any parts that are worn out or not functioning properly, he makes the repair or replacement, promoting greater stability, safety and overall longevity. Last year, my mom happened to mention how she worries about having to run the furnace while her and my dad were away. The HVAC company advocated that my parents install a Wi-Fi thermostat. This has given my parents peace of mind while they enjoy their winters on the beach. Dad can now check up on the performance of the oil furnace with his new smartphone. With the easy tap of his finger, Dad has access to temperature adjustment, maintenance status, and energy tracking. If there’s any problem, such as a temperature fluctuation or electricity outage, he will automatically get a notification. Plus, Dad can make sure the house is the perfect temperature when he and Mom arrive home in the Spring. Dad has scheduled an HVAC company to install a Wi-Fi thermostat into his apartment down south as well.

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