Wifi thermostat simplifies the management of two homes

A couple of years ago, my husband and I purchased a small retirement home.

We now spend the cold weather months down south, and the spring and summer up north.

Caring for two separate houses was a bit of an adjustment. We constantly worried what was happening with our empty house up north. With feet of snow and outdoor temperatures down to twenty below zero, a power outage or furnace malfunction can become a huge problem. We mainly worry about the water pipes freezing and possibly bursting. We need to leave the heater running just enough to prevent this disaster. Before heading south for the winter, I always make sure to schedule professional maintenance for the furnace. A licensed HVAC contractor thoroughly inspects, cleans and adjusts the heating system. If there are any worn or broken parts, he makes the replacement, promoting greater reliability, safety and system longevity. Last year, I happened to mention how I worry about the operation of the furnace all winter long. The HVAC contractor recommended that I install a wifi thermostat. This has provided me with peace of mind. I can now check up on the performance of the furnace through my smartphone. With the simple tap of my finger, I have access to temperature adjustment, maintenance status, and energy tracking. If there’s any problem, such as a temperature fluctuation or power outage, I automatically get a notification. Plus, I can make sure the house is the perfect temperature when my husband and I arrive home in the spring. I now plan to install a wifi thermostat into our house down south as well.

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