I didn’t mind staying now that they had portable showers.

I hated camping, i have regularly told people how much I hated camping, just to aggravated me, a lot of my friends would plan a camping trip in addition to then ask if I was going? I would end up spending a lonely weekend at home, however at least I had comfort.

I wouldn’t need to smell of campfire smoke. I could get a shower when I wanted, in addition to there would be no bugs or humidity to disrupt my sleep, and my bestie showed up one evening in addition to told me we were going camping, but she said she wasn’t taking no for an answer; When we got to the campground, I felt like I had wandered onto a scene from Arabian Knights, there were large, lavish looking tents set up all over. She told me this was a glamping ground, in addition to not a camping ground. There was an enormous bed inside, in addition to all the amenities of home, minus the shower. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be here, however I toughed it out for him. When it came time for bed, i said I couldn’t sleep without a shower. She opened the main tent flap in addition to showed me to what I thought was a portable restroom. I could only imagine the smell when she opened the door. Instead of a portable restroom, it was a portable shower container. It had a full-sized bathroom in addition to a shower with a shower curtain. She told me she asked to have the portable shower basket set up, just for me. I couldn’t suppose how beautiful my bestie was.


Turn-key facilities