One of the best spas in town needed my HVAC tech expertise

My best friend won a spa day for two at her workplace end of year raffle prizes.

I was over the moon when she told me she would take me as her plus one, not to mention it was one of the best spas in town.

One look at my nails and the attendants at the spa would rush me to a spa emergency room if there was such a room. Three days before our appointment when I was in the heating dealer office I got a call from the same spa. They wanted to find out if all the heating equipment was ready for shipment to their new spa and retreat centre. They wanted to install a geo heat pump since they were going green with this new retreat centre. The heating device was ready for shipping but we were still waiting for some parts for the ground loop system which is what I told the caller. They also needed heating maintenance for the furnace at the spa branch which we would be visiting in three days. They also added that they would need the HVAC serviceman to look at the ductwork which essentially meant duct cleaning and duct sealing if there were leaks. Even though there was another HVAC tech, I was curious to know what the spa looked like so I responded to the call. I asked the other professional to go to the home services call that had come in for heating repair just before the one from the spa. I did a quick search on our database to find any information about the type of heating technology they had chosen for their other branches since they had two more branches. The heating industry had numerous options they could choose from. I was glad to see that they had a digital thermostat.

ductwork cleaning