Trying to cool down the place

Once in a blue moon, while my child takes his day nap, I like to rest downstairs as well as have some alone time, but i take the monitor with myself and others that has a video screen so I can watch his from the other room, however on the screen, the temperature of the room he is in is also advertised.

I noticed just the other day that the temperature in the room was quite higher than in the rest of the house, then the temperature in my daughter’s room was nearly 77 degrees the other day when the control machine was set to 71.

I began to wonder if this was due to the location of his room, his study room is situated directly over the garage. The garage is unbearably warm during the summer time months, and we were nearly to summer. I turned the fan on in his room as well as that seemed to help a little; After a few more weeks of monitoring the temperature in my daughters room, I made the choice that I wanted to purchase a portable A/C machine for his room. I felt so poor for her! Every one of us were trying difficult to keep his in his own room, however occasionally it was just too hot. The portable A/C machine really seemed to work wonders. Thewhite noise from the portable A/C machine also helped his to sleep through the night. I am ecstatic that both of us decided to invest in the portable A/C unit! Every one of us use it in other rooms in the house, as well. We have even transformed the garage into a lake house gym as well as decided to purchase an hour portable A/C machine for the garage area.