Kids are cruel; I was “the Heating & Air Conditioning kid” all through highschool

When people talk about the best years of their lives and all of the enjoyable experiences that they had growing up, I don’t know how to relate.

I simply did not have any experience care about that.

I grew up in a fairly wealthy and privileged section of town. Most of the teenagers that I attended school with belong to lawyers and dentists. Their families were seriously well-off and they were glad to show it. They constantly had the newest clothes, on the coolest gadgets, and the fastest cars, but on the other hand, I came from a family of yellow-collar workers. My dad was a central heating and cooling corporation for over 20 years. It was disappointing enough that he properly dropped myself and others off for school in the heating and cooling work trucks that he drove around to residential Heating & Air Conditioning repair appointments each day. It was even worse that he was the personal heating and cooling corporation for many of the families in town. A lot of the teenagers that I went to school with called my dad dirty and disgusting as he tried to repair their forced air furnaces and air conditioning units. They saw him crawling around under their new home and he was often covered in grease from the broken Heating & Air Conditioning equipment; For my entire private school career, I was referred to as the Heating & Air Conditioning kid. Anytime there was an indoor air temperature concern at the school, everyone singled myself and others out and started telling myself and others to call my dad. Well, the joke is on them. Today I’m a professional Heating & Air Conditioning repairman making excellent currency at my task… and I refuse to repair any of the wealthy homes on that side of town.

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