A changing of the times

Three years ago, my fiance and I bought an adorable vacation house near the ocean. He and I now spend the cold weather months down south, and enjoy the spring and summer up north. Taking care of another house was a real challenge for us. He and I were very worried about the bad things that could be happening to our empty house up north. With feet of snow and outside temperatures sometimes going below zero, a power outage or gas furnace malfunction can become a serious issue. My fiance and I mostly worry about the water pipes freezing or even perhaps bursting. He and I always leave the gas furnace running just enough to prevent this from occurring. Before we head south for the winter, I always make sure to schedule regular professional service for the gas furnace. A licensed HVAC company thoroughly inspects, cleans plus adjusts the gas furnace. If there are any worn or damaged components, he makes the replacement or repair. This ensures far greater reliability, safety, not to mention it will make your system last longer. Last year, I happened to mention how I worry about the leaving the the gas furnace on all winter long. The HVAC technician advised that we install a WIFI thermostat. This has really set mine and my fiance’s minds at ease. We can now check up on the performance of our gas furnace through our smartphone. With the simple tap of a finger, we have access to temperature adjustment, service and repair status, and energy tracking. If there’s any problem, such as a temperature fluctuation or loss of electricity, we automatically get a notification. Plus, we can make sure the house is the perfect temperature when we arrive home again in the spring. We now have plans to install a WIFI thermostat into our beach house as well.



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