We have a ductless heat pump in their home

It’s amazing being able to not worry about frigid while we’re trying to get the fire lit. We often have to travel for work and we are away for quite a bit of time. That means that the lake house we live in is frigid when we get home during the winter. We come in and our first order of business has regularly been to get the fire in the wood stove lit so there is some heating in our house. But with the addition of the ductless heat pump to our cabin, we now can simply enjoy some heating and light the stove at our leisure. We’ve been residing out in nature and making our home in this lake house for years. Having a ductless heat pump is new, but it has added so much to our lives. The ductless heat pump is a large evolution in Heating and A/C technology. It’s certainly quite amazing that a heating and cooling unit can come in such a small package. We have one ductless heat pump in our lake house and it does all the heating and cooling that we need. Not only does it come in handy for the heating in the winter season when we’ve been away and the wood stove isn’t lit, it’s awesome in the Summer too. It can get hot some mornings during the Summer and until this past year, we’d never had any air conditioning out here. The ductless heat pump now provides the cooling comfort that makes sleeping during the boiling Summer mornings awesome.


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