The ductless heat pump is a good addition

It’s so nice to be able to not worry about getting cold while Estelle is trying to get the fire lit.

She often has to travel for work and is away for a great bit of time.

That means that the lodge she lives in is frigid when she gets home in winter. Estelle comes in and her first job has always been to get the fire in the wood stove lit so there is some heating in her house. Fortunately, with the addition of the ductless heat pump to her lodge, she now can simply enjoy some heating and light the stove at her leisure. Estelle has been living out in nature and making her home in this lodge for just over a decade now. Having a ductless heat pump is new however it has added so much to her life. The ductless heat pump is a large evolution in Heating, Ventilation & A/C technology. It’s really quite amazing that a heating and cooling unit can come in such a small package. Estelle has two ductless heat pumps in her lodge and it does all the heating and cooling that she needs. Not only does it come in handy for the heating in the winter time when she’s been away and the wood stove isn’t lit. But, it’s awesome in the Summer too. It can get really tepid some mornings while in the Summer and until this past year, Estelle would never have had any a/c out here. The ductless heat pump now provides the cooling comfort that makes sleeping while in the tepid Summer mornings such a lovely experience.

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