The HVAC expert helped me understand indoor air quality

I’m just so delighted to come home to the central air conditioner in our cabin nowadays. That’s not a feeling I’ve had for quite a long time due to the indoor air pollen levels of our house. During that entire time, I really didn’t understand the dynamics around indoor air pollen levels at all. All I knew was that the indoor air really smelled bad, and I just detested coming home. I work inside an amazing office building right down town. This place has it all from a stellar high rise view of the town to the awesome commercial Heating & A/C in the office. We have zone controlled Heating & A/C so that means I even have a thermostat inside my office. So coming home to a smelly cabin was not good after spending time in that environment. Truly, I’d look for things to get ahead on just so I could linger inside the commercial Heating & A/C of the office. Once I left that zone controlled Heating & A/C for home, I knew what I was in for. I’d open the door and the smell would hit me full on in the face. No amount of deodorizing was at all effective. So it took an Heating and A/C education from the Heating & A/C experts for me to finally understand what air pollen levels were. For me to rid the odor, I had to eliminate the air of the bacteria making the odors. And the only sure way of doing that was with air purification. That’s how I ended up with a whole cabin whole-cabin air purifier. It uses ultraviolet light to destroy all indoor air contaminants. So not only is the indoor air now of the highest quality, I rush home from work now because the place smells so good.

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