We have to stay inside the AC of our home

It’s not simple for us to be sick.

For one, we just hate having to lay around with no energy and deal with the symptoms.

We also don’t enjoy missing days working inside the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of our office either. Even when we do have to stay down inside the central air conditioning system of our apartment when we’re sick, both of us still try to work a bit remotely. So when we get something that lingers, that’s when we know we need to see a doctor. More and more over the last several years, a couple times a year we get a cold that lasts for a few days, but the respiratory effects last for a month. Both of us have a cough that we just cannot get rid of or something to that effect. And that is what happened earlier this fall. We woke up feeling not so well so we made sure we got tested for covid and it came back negative. So we stayed down inside the central air conditioning system of our apartment for a few days before we felt like we could go back to the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning of the office. But even when we were back to work, we just didn’t feel like ourselves continuously dealing with sinus congestion and coughing. So we ended up going to the doctor. Our doctor really thought most of our concern had to do with the indoor air quality of our home. And she commanded the first thing we should do is get the HVAC duct cleaning done. She also commanded that once the HVAC duct cleaning was done that we replace our cheap Heating and Air Conditioning air filter with a HEPA filter. We did just that and our respiratory symptoms vanished within about twenty four hours.

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