New HVAC equipment for the city’s largest winery

My HVAC repairman job has taken me places I would never have been. I travel and meet new people daily, making my work more enjoyable. Everyone that knows me is aware of my love for wine. I love the taste, and I found out from my sister, who is a doctor, that it aids in digestion. Therefore, drinking wine with your dinner benefits the human body. I got a chance to visit the city’s largest winery a few days ago when we were working on their HVAC unit. The owner called the HVAC business complaining about the HVAC system making unusual noises and going on and off at will. The intermittency of the system is very dangerous as it can cause a power surge and, more hazardous, a fire. We booked immediate HVAC maintenance for the next day. I was fortunate enough to handle the case, so I gathered my team and headed to the site. Upon getting there, we asked the head of maintenance follow-up questions about the system, including when the HVAC installation occurred and which HVAC brand the unit was. The information is relevant to us in fixing the unit. The thermostat had malfunctioned by now, and it also needed a replacement. I put in an order for a couple of new parts from the HVAC provider from the local business. The delivery did not take long, and we admired the winery and all the wine stored there as we waited. There were bottles of every kind of wine, white, red, dry, sweet; you name them! When the new HVAC equipment arrived, we finished fixing the quality HVAC system to help with indoor comfort. I could not wait to tell the other HVAC professionals where I had been.
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