I thought my water would ruin the AC unit.

Some of my friends and I got into a rowdy game of football in our backyard.

  • I put our water bottles on top of the air conditioning unit while we were playing.

The AC unit was near where we were, and I thought the water bottles should be safer there than laying in the grass and getting trampled. At one point, I threw a pass. The person who was supposed to catch it missed, and the ball hit the water bottles, toppling them over. I thought little about it, because they still had their caps on. We didn’t even check the air conditioner until we took a five-minute break for a strategy meeting and a drink. That’s when I noticed that several of the water bottles were broken and leaking into the AC unit. Half an hour later, we knew it was time to quit playing because it was getting dark. We all grabbed our water bottles and went to our prospective homes. I was in the house talking to dad when I realized I had never checked the air conditioning unit. I told dad what had happened and he told me it wasn’t a worry. He said that it rained on the AC unit all summer and winter, and it never affected it. He didn’t think a couple of broken bottles of water were going to make a difference. I felt better until he smiled. He told me that if there were any problems when they had the AC unit serviced that spring, he would send me the bill.



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