Difference between the bumble bee and the honey bee

Every Spring, after the Winter frost goes away, my dad always gets ready to plant his summer garden.

He goes to the hardware store farmers markets, and local nurseries for plants and seeds for his vegetable garden.

He mostly plants peppers and tomatoes, but he also plants some fruits as well. My mom loves going to the garden to pick all the veggies from the vines and trees. She gets her basket and fills it up with all the goods. Typically, I visit during the summer months, so I get to participate in the daily picking of the veggies from the garden. Although my mom is in the garden almost every day, she’s still afraid of all the pollinators that come to visit. Last summer, while I was in the garden with her, she saw a few bumble bees and wasn’t too thrilled that they were in the garden. At first, she didn’t know what they were. Of course, that’s because she didn’t get close enough to them. When I looked and saw that they were bumble bees, it gave her some comfort knowing that they weren’t a random flying insect. I believe that was the first time that I looked at a bumble bee up close. Of course, I have seen them before, but never stopped long enough to pay close attention to them. They are distinctly different from the honey bees. Immediately, you’ll notice that the bumble bee is a lot bigger and rounder than the honey bee. They are also fuzzier than their close relatives. Personally, I find them cuter than the honey bees, and I believe they move much slower as well. Either way, both of them are great for my dad’s garden and I am glad they are there to pollinate it.