What HVAC brand do you use?

Do you have a name brand Heating and Air Conditioning system in your home or a no name brand? I like to stick with the big name brands as they seem to be the most reliable and offer the best repair for the most part.

I think they can cost a bit more however they usually last longer and are more efficient, so you end up saving money on the back end over time. I have an electric heating system now, however I am thinking about upgrading to a gas heating system when it comes time to buy a new Heating and Air Conditioning system. I think the gas systems are even more efficient than the electric one I have and cost about the same. I need to check online about this because I am not sure however someone told me that gas is the way to go. I could also look into solar systems because they could be the cheapest of all. I think they cost more to install however I think they split your cooling and heating costs down to almost nothing. Again, I need to research them to see what they are capable of doing and to see if they are better than the electric Heating and Air Conditioning systems which everyone seems to have. I think I have a few more years till I have to worry about this as my system is only about more than nine years old and they told me that they usually last about 13 or so years. I have a few more years to save for that new Heating and Air Conditioning system. I can’t wait though!