Contacting the HVAC professional should have been the first thing they did

Ross and Mike wanted to be homeowners for a long time. Since they were good friends, they decided the best way to do so was start a real estate business. They’d put money into the business and purchase one home at a time. The two of them went to see a home in a good area that was in a bad state. Since they were builders, they weren’t afraid of a project so after an inspection, they opted to buy the house. They’d work on upgrades and improvements after work and during the weekend. When the house was done, someone came by, offered a good amount and they sold this house. After a month, they got another, and began the same work. But, this time they decided not to flip in but rather move in. The house was looking great but it required some air conditioning since summer wasn’t too far off. Ross and Mike had noticed the house had an air conditioning unit but when they tried to switch it on, it didn;t work. They opted to try and fix this air conditioner themselves and not pay someone for the job. However, after several attempts it seemed like the unit wasn’t going to work at all. This is when they phoned the HVAC company for assistance. The HVAC professional who came back asked if anyone else had worked on the unit and they came clean. It seemed they did more harm to the unit and now had to purchase a new one for their home. The HVAC professional explained the importance of hiring people like him with the skills to fix faulty cooling and heating units in future.

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