Jim told me the heat and a/c business had vacancies

Jim and I met in university and we became fast friends. Unlike all the other kids joining weird cliques, we kept to ourselves and were always off on some adventure. We had a passion for hiking and exploring new places. This went on even after graduation! Every chance we got, we’d fly to a new area and explore the hiking routes. However, when the pandemic hit, life took a turn for the worst. The companies we worked for tanked and we had to find new ways to earn a living. To my surprise, Jim took that chance to join a HVAC school and switched jobs to a HVAC specialist. I always knew he was unhappy as an accountant, however I wasn’t sure he’d take the chance! But, I kept cheering him on and he managed to land a good job in an HVAC corporation in the city! One afternoon, I was just lazing around in the house when Jim called me. He said the HVAC corporation he worked for had 2 vacancies and one was suited for me. They were looking for a new business manager with my skills and experience. Though I had never worked for a HVAC corporation, I had to take the chance since this was a well-paying position. I went for an interview and Jim put in a good word for me with his boss. Eventually, I was called back and given the job, and Jim and I were so happy since we would be working together. We even began planning another trip since we now had income to support our adventures.



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