The moment that forced me to switch to a digital thermostat

Years of being a homeowner have taught me many things concerning the heating industry. One of them is the importance of heating maintenance of your heating device. Proper care of the heating equipment ensures that it runs optimally and will serve you for many more years. I have had several HVAC techs come to my house to do heating repair on my furnace since it was installed. During these home services, I make a point of asking the HVAC serviceman questions regarding the issue at hand or general questions about the heating technology over the years. One of the most interesting things I came to hear for the first time was about a geo heat pump. A Geothermal system could save me a lot on energy costs but the upfront cost would require a substantial amount of money which I was not ready to part with yet if at all I could afford it. I have picked up so many things including energy-saving tips, detecting problems within the ductwork and duct sealing which can easily be achieved using duct tape. I remember a time when my dial regulator acted up during a night when I was hosting some friends. It was during winter and no matter how many times I reset it still did not work. It was embarrassing, to say the least, but my friends were such good sports, we spent the night playing all sorts of silly games, talking and roasting marshmallows on the fireplace. I called the local heating dealer and they delivered and replaced it the next day with a digital thermostat. It was the best decision because it also helped reduce the amount of energy used.

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