Learning how to live with the high temperatures in summer without spending a fortune on cooling

There was a time when I thought I could just keep the temperature control settings at the same level no matter how warm it became outside, well, that’s how things were where I used to live where the peak cooling season wasn’t so severe, but now I live in a place where it gets ridiculously hot; Don’t get myself and others wrong, I like the weather in the current location because the Winter are so mild, but the summertimes are brutal with unrelenting heat! When I tried to keep my temperature control settings low when I first lived here, my utility bills cost myself and others a small fortune.

People told myself and others that I had to adjust with the temperatures and only keep the temperature control settings roughly 15 degrees lower than the temperatures outside, even if it was over 100 degrees! Well, this was something hard to swallow, but I found it was helpful when I used the ceiling fans and other stationary fans around the house, and also everything naturally cools down while I was in the night, so I am at least able to get a peaceful night of sleep with the perfect temperature control settings.

Of course, first thing in the day, I have to start decreasing the outdoor heat which gets intense in a jiffy. The wonderful news is that I head to the office most mornings, so they have the ideal temperature control settings that I get to appreciate until I make my way back home. Also, the temperature control in my motor car works pretty well even when it’s easily warm outside; thank goodness for that.


air conditioning worker