I have to keep my house really cold all the time

I have to keep my house really cold all the time because I have this autoimmune issue that causes inflammation in all of my joints if I’m too hot. I’m always having issues with my joints and I know that it annoys a lot of the people that I’m around because I’m always way hotter than they are. During the summertime, I have to keep the air conditioning turned down really low in the house and the other people in my family hate that. I feel like I am definitely the black sheep in our family because I’m the only one who really loves using the air conditioning all the time. Everyone else in the family just goes around complaining about the way that they are freezing to death. I personally feel like they are all over exaggerating when it comes to the thermostat settings in our house, though. I mean, it’s a lot easier for them to put on an extra jacket or a sweater and socks than it is for me to try and get cooled off in the summer. I have an actual reason to need to use the air conditioning a lot and I personally do not like the way that they are constantly bothering me about where I like to keep the thermostat settings. If I could trade my physical issues for something else, I definitely would and then I wouldn’t have to worry about the A/C settings either! Plus, I would be able to save all kinds of money on my cooling bills in the hotter months!

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