I really should have chosen the other unit

I had to put a bunch of stuff in storage last month when I moved down south and I ended up choosing the wrong storage unit for my stuff! I didn’t know what I was doing at that point, of course.

I mean, I had just changed jobs and I was working on trying to get moved into a new place, find a boarding place for my dogs, and just get moved to a new state.

There was a lot of stuff going on at that point and I wasn’t really thinking all that clearly about what I was doing about the storage situation. I ended up finding this storage facility close by to the apartment building when I first went down there and the guy who rented it to me tried to get me to rent a unit with temperature control. He said that this extra unit cost more per month because of the heating and cooling. I didn’t think that I really needed heating and cooling for all of my extra clothes, my books, and my random furniture and kitchen appliances that I was putting into storage. Well, it turned out that this guy was right! I should have taken the temperature controlled storage unit, because when I went to pick up my stuff, there was a light green sheen of mold on top of everything! I guess it’s because there’s no air conditioning in my unit. Apparently, in the southern part of the country, you have to have air conditioning at any cost! Little did I know!



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