You have to learn new things as a brand new homeowner

Harry won some money and so he bought a home in a posh neighbourhood where he moved in with his family.

All his life, he had lived in apartments.

He really wanted a house, and so he bought one that was in excellent condition & even had a brand new heating and air conditioner unit in it. Harry had been keen on this since they were living in an area with notorious heat and for freezing cold temperatures. They all settled in pretty well & got to use the quality Heating and Air Conditioning unit all winter… Spring was a superb season where they lived, and so Harry switched off the cooling system in their home, but he never got to repair the system at that point. Whenever the summer finally came, the Heating and Air Conditioning unit was not cooling the house as effectively as Harry had hoped. Then one day, he was talking to a neighbor who told him that he was going to contact the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in town for assistance. Harry spoke to an A/C mechanic who came to do some work on his faulty AC. The mechanic informed Harry he had to get an Heating and Air Conditioning service plan for seasonal preventive A/C service. He told him that failure to repair the A/C would reduce its longevity & keep causing concerns for the family in the future. Harry asked the mechanic many other questions about the A/C system since he’d never had one of his own before! The Heating and Air Conditioning mechanic was happy to show Harry a list of things that could go wrong with a poorly maintained A/C unit. This was news to Harry. He was a brand new homeowner.

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