Thinking about inviting the HVAC professional to have dinner with us

We have been really happy ever since we got a new HVAC technician worker taking care of our HVAC equipment.

We call him the fastest HVAC tech in the West because he takes care of everything in a jiffy.

This guy really knows what he is doing and with so many years of experience, it’s no surprise. We’ve had other HVAC technicians, but they were generally slow and not especially knowledgeable. This guy makes a total difference and we have noticed that our energy bills have been lower ever since he has been helping us. This guy convinced us that we needed to get the ductwork cleaning taken care of and we needed to have our HVAC system tuned up regularly. He also performed a ductwork sealing which happily was something we could afford. Now we are enjoying the big energy savings thanks to this energy saving help from the HVAC professional. Our son has been taking note of this guy as well. He is always watching him do his work and asking questions as much as he can. You would think that our son bothering the HVAC professional would slow him down with his work, but he still answers all the questions and still knocks out all the work in no time. Sometimes the guy is done so fast that he agrees to relax for a little while and enjoy some lemonade and various snacks. Honestly, the guy acts more like family than just some random HVAC professional and we are thinking about inviting him over for dinner soon.


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