I had to repair the HVAC at our HVAC supplier

I was a little surprised when there was a disturbance at our HVAC supplier. Usually when I go into work, I am heading for a customer’s household to fix their gas furnace or their cooling system. I didn’t expect that I would be helping to fix the commercial HVAC at our HVAC supplier. I mean in a way it was an honor because I was helping provide better comfort for everybody I work with. It’s crazy though because we spend so much time worrying about everybody else’s HVAC systems and air quality, we didn’t focus enough on our own system! With just me and a couple of other guys, we were able to knock out the repair with no issues. We got the A/C fired up and suddenly our building was perfectly comfortable. It wasn’t long after everything was set when the boss told us we had to take care of another commercial HVAC repair downtown. I thought one commercial repair was enough for one day, but the boss certainly loves to keep us busy. He figured that since we did such excellent work at our headquarters, we would also do an amazing job at the business located downtown. I honestly didn’t mind it too much, it’s not like I have to take care of commercial repairs and maintenance all the time. The schedule is always rotating between all the HVAC professionals, and honestly I’m just thankful for the work I am able to do. I honestly could not even imagine trying to do anything else for a living.
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