I’ve always enjoyed my grandmother’s waffles a great deal

Something that I always enjoyed immensely was my grandmother’s waffles.

  • She made the best batches of waffles with her own secret recipe.

She honestly never gave the recipe to anybody for years until she became very old. Well, back then I remember she always used to cook outside whenever she could manage. She preferred cooking outside because all that excessive heating from the stove would not overheat the inside when the A/C system was working. I felt bad for her not being able to cook indoors all the time, and I ended up buying her a window A/C unit for her kitchen area. She was happy when we got the cooling unit hooked up and suddenly she was able to cook in the kitchen with extra cooling power inside. This made it more comfortable for my grandmother to cook for everybody, especially her famous waffle breakfast! We had some delicious toppings too including a strawberry jam, and other fruit toppings with whipped cream. I did notice that after the new window A/C unit was installed, my grandmother didn’t mind cooking in the kitchen nearly as much. Towards the end though, I was surprised when my grandmother said she wanted to pass her recipes to a bunch of us so that it could continue with our family. Now I have these awesome recipes and I have shared them with my wife. She is a fantastic cook and her waffles taste almost as good as my grandmother’s! Sometimes when I’m eating the food, I feel like talking to my grandmother because it feels like she is there.

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