Everybody is happier at the school now that the HVAC is working properly

I have been a retired HVAC professional for many years, but I still give people advice and sometimes install HVAC systems for people.

When I was at my grandchildren’s school recently, I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable the school was.

I told the principal that he should really consider going for an HVAC system upgrade. I said it wasn’t fair for the little ones to be so uncomfortable because the HVAC system was not working nearly well enough. The principal learned I was a retired HVAC professional and asked if I wouldn’t mind checking everything out with the HVAC system. He said I would be paid of course, and so I checked everything out. I realized that with a proper cleaning of both the commercial HVAC system and the ductwork, the system could work so much better and provide comfort in the school again. I mostly wanted my grandchildren to be comfortable in their school, so I agreed to do this work for a reasonable cost. I ended up cleaning that ductwork system better than ever and took before and after pictures. The principal was really pleased with my work and said I could be their full-time HVAC professional if I wished. I had to turn the man down because I was retired and I just wanted to enjoy my retirement without having to work all the time. When everybody learned that my grandchildren’s grandfather repaired the HVAC in the school, we all suddenly became popular amongst all the children and teachers. I’m glad that I was able to help make everybody so much happier.

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