I met the most wonderful young lady and we are getting married soon

For a long while, I felt lost in life until I met this wonderful young lady.

She helped me see that there was so much more to life and that I didn’t have to always be stressed about everything.

We went for romantic walks on the beach and things similar to that. We also enjoyed the same restaurants where we knew they had the perfect temperature control settings and air quality. That was another thing I appreciated about her so much, that we could agree on the temperature control settings. My girlfriend before her was basically impossible when it came to things like that. We had the most terrible relationship and we couldn’t get along no matter what. With this girl though, I felt like everything was right. I ended up moving in with her where she stayed at her aunt’s house. Her aunt was old in age and so long as we paid our rent, we were golden. Well, I was surprised when her aunt passed away and even more shocked when my girlfriend inherited the property. She didn’t really know how to take care of the place, but I stepped up and spoke of changing the air filters regularly for the HVAC, having the fireplaces cleaned regularly through a chimney sweep service, and things of that nature. I took care of these things and my girlfriend was really happy. Then I was even more stunned when she eventually asked me to marry her. I mean traditionally this thing usually is the other way around, but I was happy and knew I loved her, so I said yes!


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