I inherited my uncle’s home, but wasn’t sure what to do

There are numerous zones and this HVAC system is highly energy efficient

When I inherited my uncle’s home, I didn’t know what to expect. The home was really nice, but it was clear that it needed some work. I thought about just selling the place, but I decided why not live in a place where the home is already paid off and I only have to worry about property taxes? The amount I had to pay to stay in this home wasn’t costly at all and I even had money saved up to do some work on the place. I didn’t know the first place to get started though. I considered the HVAC system and it seemed like it was kind of ancient. There was this very old boiler system that I believe also provides heating for the hot water pipes in the house. I was kind of agitated because I didn’t know all the things that needed to be done, and I wished that I could ask my uncle. It would have at least been helpful if he left me a message explaining what I needed to do to properly take care of the house. I didn’t know if I had to work on the plumbing or if I needed to attend to the septic system, I just didn’t know. I did end up having a ductless mini split system installed though. There are numerous zones and this HVAC system is highly energy efficient. I was told that it would last well over 20 years so long as I take good care of everything. It’s also amazing how energy efficient this HVAC system is. I also appreciate the fact that I don’t have to purchase expensive air filters that I have to throw away regularly because the air filters that come with the HVAC system are the washable kind.


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