Getting to the root of indoor air quality

When Marcus began getting sick, I was nervous about the future! The doctor kept insisting there was an issue at home causing him to fall ill, so I ensured I cleaned the entire dwelling from top to bottom to create a safe space for him! But the matter only got worse, plus he had to be admitted to the hospital.

One day, I spoke with my neighbor about the situation when she proposed to me to get the air conditioner, plus air cleaner checked out, then her dad had experienced the same issue plus found out the cause was poor indoor air conditions.

I had never considered the quality of air in my home could be the cause of the illness. I got in touch with an A/C worker who came to diagnose the issue later that day. This was an emergency, plus I needed the best solution for the situation. The heating, ventilation, plus A/C supplier carried out various tests in my home, plus the results were shocking. There were many indoor air pollutants in the house, causing my child to fall ill. I never knew there were so many pollutants, plus some were because of the inefficient aircon system. The main cause of the illness was mold plus mildew spores that kept getting blown into the home by the air conditioner! Also, there seemed to be gaps in the air vents in my house, permitting outside pollutants to come inside. The best solution was to hire an A/C expert to wash the HVAC duct, full of mold plus mildew. Also, he checked the indoor plus outdoor A/C system to remove all dust plus debris, however later, he worked mending all the slits in the air vents permitting outdoor pollutants to get into the house.



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