Better late than not showing

I actually don’t like it when I have some kind of a maintenance appointment plus they do not show up on time.

It is awful enough that they give you this ridiculous 6 hour time window on most maintenance calls that messes up your entire afternoon, and occasionally you even have to take a afternoon off from your task because of it. This happened recently when I had a concern with my central heating plus a/c plan plus had to call the local heating plus cooling company for an Heating as well as A/C repair appointment. The time window they offered me was between 8am plus 4pm. Well, the heating plus a/c worker did not show up till near 5pm! Boy oh boy was I angry as ever! I could have absolutely went to work that afternoon had they said he would be there around 5. I would have been house from work around 4pm! I had to contain myself plus not blow up at the heating plus a/c specialist when he arrived. He said his last task ran overtime. That isn’t my problem! They should have dispatched another certified heating plus a/c specialist to come plus do my central heating plus cooling repair instead! That would have been the right thing to do rather than leaving me hanging all afternoon beyond the given time window! The heating plus a/c company got an ear full from me on the cellphone after the certified heating plus cooling specialist left. They ended up giving me 50 percent off because of the mess up. At least that was something.


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