Fireplace for all

I have always loved the sound of wood burning.

The crackling and the embers give me a warm and cozy vibe.

I moved from down south to live here up north in the mountains. The differing temperatures have taken some getting used to but I have adapted well. I’m not the only one with a love for fireplaces. My family loves them too, and they make the perfect edition for a christmas setting. I decided I wanted to revamp my house and one of the first items I chose to add was a fireplace. I already knew I wanted a gas fireplace. So I started doing some shopping around. I have an excellent heating system but I prefer the natural heat that comes from a fire. I went down to my local home improvement store and found one that matched my home well. Once the fireplace was in, I had the heat just in time because that following day my heater died. Despite having the fireplace having a central heating unit was important to warm the whole house. So I called my heating provider so I could access their repair services. It didn’t take long before the heater was fixed, the technician informed me that my heating equipment had died from general wear and tear and I was able to get a new one. Now my house is always warm even on the coldest of days. When I feel chilly I crank up the heat on the thermostat, and listen to the furnace come to life. Then I sit in my most comfortable chair soaking in the heat from the warm fireplace. Never again have I been cold in my home.

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