I feel bad for her

Periodically, during the time that my kid takes her day nap, I love to sit downstairs and have some alone time! I take the monitor with myself and others that have a video screen so I can watch her from the other room, but on the screen, the temperature of the room she is in is also featured.

I noticed recently that the temperature in the room was so much higher than in the rest of the house, and the temperature in my daughter’s room was nearly 72 degrees yesterday when the control unit was set to 68.

I began to wonder if this was due to the location of her room. Her bedroom is situated directly over the garage. The garage is unbearably boiling while I was in the summertime weeks, and every one of us was almost to summertime. I turned the fan on in her room and that seemed to help a little; After a few more weeks of monitoring the temperature in my daughter’s playroom area, I thought it would be best if I wanted to purchase a portable AC unit for her room. I felt so terrible for her! We were working very hard to keep her in her own room, but sometimes it was just too hot. The portable AC unit truly seemed to help. Thewhite noise from the portable AC unit also helped her to sleep through the night. I am glad that every one of us decided to invest in an AC unit, and we use it in other rooms in the house, as well. We have even transformed the garage into a beach current home gym and decided to purchase a nice portable AC unit for the garage.

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