A/C on the go

I recently came across an advertisement for a portable AC unit that can be worn around the neck! I started thinking to myself how silly of a concept this was, but after a little bit more reading, I started to learn that this was a great invention, then people can wear these portable cooling systems around their necks while they labor out, labor in the garden, or whenever they want, then the wearable AC unit is great for the Summer months and people who like to be working while outside.

A lot of the people who purchase these portable AC units are marathon runners.

The wearable AC units look a little deranged, but they are able to keep the runners cool and allow them to run longer distances. My dad recently bought a single of these wearable AC units to wear to work. She and a few of her coworkers ordered them as a pair and they claim that it has changed the way they work. Their tasks are in a paper mill and the factory can get easily hot in the Summer months. They both say that wearing the portable AC system right around their neck is comfortable and allows them to labor longer with much less breaks. These would also be beneficial to those working in construction, work intensive jobs that require a lot of breaks, and with the portable wearable AC units, managers could increase productivity by having them wear these on the easily hot afternoons. Although these devices look a little deranged, they are becoming more and more popular among the older population and those who work with labor intensive jobs.


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