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She also was telling me about the major perks of the UV air cleaner

For a good amount of time now, I have been focusing on improving our health… In order to do this, I have decided to quit eating fast food & any processed foods that are no good. I have been staying far and clear of food that is absolutely greasy, & I have been opting for healthy options love salad with lean grilled meats. I also have been thinking a lot about how to keep the air quality good in our home. I decided to reach out to the HVAC supplier to figure out how to boost the air quality so that I will have healthy lungs. They told me about investing in a quality humidifier, a UV air cleaner, & HEPA air filters. I actually didn’t have any of these things in my home. I did use quality air filters, but they weren’t HEPA air filters, then so I decided to have an HVAC serviceman come over to our apartment to install a humidifier, a UV air cleaner, & bring me a box of HEPA air filters as well, however she was explaining that it’s important to have the right humidity levels in the house. She said it also is good because you can adjust the temperature control settings to save money on the energy costs. She also was telling me about the major perks of the UV air cleaner. The UV light truly works to kill harmful contagions that float around in the air. I also figured out exactly why the HEPA air filters are the best to use. They truly detach 99.9% of pollutants from the air which is fantastic, and when I had everything installed, I could suppose the difference in the air quality & I have never felt healthier.

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