Not my favorite pastime

My father has always had a passion for hunting, I can absolutely remember when he first took me and others out with him to go deer hunting. I thought it would be good fun, however it turned out that it wasn’t for me, and sure, I have always enjoyed some good venison when the two of us get it, however I didn’t realize how brutal it was to go hunting, and we were out there in the frigid weather and I wasn’t able to stop thinking about how much I would rather be at cabin with the gas gas furnace finally working plus enjoyable in front of the fireplace, but out there in the woods, the two of us didn’t have a portable heating proposal or anything. Around the time that my father spotted the buck, he wanted myself and others to take a shot with my rifle. I had practiced shooting with him on many chances plus I was a pretty good shot. The thing is, I saw this deer plus I didn’t want to kill it. I felt like it was wrong somehow plus while I was pointing at the deer, I absolutely missed so I didn’t kill it. The deer went running and got away, plus my father seemed to be disappointed despite the fact that he said I would get him next time. We ended up going to the cabin empty handed plus I never told my father that I missed the deer on purpose… He kept saying that he thought I would have hit my target without a doubt, Even though he admitted that it was undoubtedly frigid so maybe that affected my shot. I was just grateful to be back at the cabin with the gas furnace keeping myself and others sizzling plus enjoyable in front of the fireplace. When my amazing father asked myself and others to go hunting after that, I always made excuses not to go.

a/c worker