Getting Older with my Dog

I finally let my little one’s adopt a golden retriever puppy.

She is a cute little thing plus my older dog, a medium-size Heinz 57 named “Spencer” has become his protector plus playmate.

I guess Spencer somehow intuits that he will soon be greater than he is. He’s trying to get on the good side of the golden to avoid extreme consequences later, dogs age at an amazing pace. At one year a dog is 7 years old. At age five, the human age equivalent is about 35. After this, greater dogs age faster than smaller dogs. When Spencer turns 15 plus our unnamed puppy will be twelve, they will both be in their 70s in human terms. Humans plus Heating plus Air Conditioning systems age just like people do. Life expectancy is close to 78 years for humans but only about 15 or 20 for Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, then up until recent times, an Heating plus Air Conditioning could easily find replacement parts. With new medical technology, humans are also getting replacement parts, such as knees. One regular key to fantastic aging for anything is regular service. For people like us plus dogs, this happens with fantastic nutrition, a good amount of exercise, plus the ability to handle stress. Heating plus Air Conditioning systems undergo constant stress as they work 24/7 to keep our homes comfortable but we are lucky because they have no need for nutritional supplements. Unlike humans plus dogs, who have to leave the house to go to a medical doctor or a vet, the Heating plus Air Conditioning just stays home and the qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning worker makes a house call to keep it in health. Dogs are more fortunate than humans because they don’t pay one cent for their vet bills and food. All they must do is act the way we want. At least the Heating plus Air Conditioning system gives us the benefit of a comfortable beach house for humans plus pets alike.

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