Facts of Life to Live By

I wish that I had learned earlier in life that the world contains undeniable truths or UTs.

The term is defined as “definitely true” plus it is never fantastic to go against them.

My mother’s commonly repeated UT was, “Remember, things are never as bad or as fantastic as you think they will be.” She is right that keeping on an even keel is crucial. I wished I had known the workaday world’s UT, “ Don’t ever use the word “emergency” in a business setting.” My career would have been better knowing that if a customer fails to get a delivery on time it is not a true crisis, but construction plus the trades have their own well-known UTs; Knowing to “measure twice then cut” has saved millions of dollars of lumber, drywall, plus sheet metal. Plumbers never forget the UT that in polite terms means that the force of gravity is real. In impolite terms, the UT for plumbers is that crap travels only in a downhill direction. Heating plus Air Conditioning also enjoys UTs. One crucial Heating plus Air Conditioning UT is to “Schedule regular cleaning plus service repair and only with a qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning worker.” This UT has been proven over and over to be the best way to keep an Heating plus Air Conditioning system running along smoothly with regular Heating plus Air Conditioning filter variations. The most amazingly true Heating plus Air Conditioning UT is directed at those homeowners who lack the tools plus knowledge to perform repairs plus refrigerant recharges. The UT is simply, “Don’t even DIY”. Those that decide not to use a qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning professional for HVAC repair will prove my mom wrong in that things truly will be as bad as it could possibly get when a DIY service attempt goes awry.


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